Of This And Other Podcasts: Live Film Discussions At The C. S. Lewis Festival

This year’s C. S. Lewis Festival kicks off November 3rd and some of our favourite podcasters have joined the programme.

First, on Monday 5th, CinePunked presents Fritz Lang’s enigmatic sci-fi classic Metropolis. Following a screening of 1927’s chrome-hearted masterpiece at the Strand Arts Centre, Robert J. E. Simpson leads an interactive discussion on the film’s legacy in cinema, science fiction and how we think about the aesthetics of the future. Tickets here.

Following from that, on Wednesday 7th at the EastSide Visitor Centre, Robert is joining Neil Sedgewick for a live Films & Faith special, using Lewis’¬†Of This And Other Worlds¬†as a springboard to talk about sci-fi, artificial intelligence and the ethics of creation. Tickets here.

Also: on Saturday 3rd CinePunked’s resident novelist Dr. Rachael Kelly will be hosting the Building Fantastic Worlds workshop for aspiring sci-fi writers, and reading from her work as part of the Speculative Fiction Panel afterwards. Sign up here.

You can listen to some recent work by the podcasters below:


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